Creationist Voucher Schools in Arizona

Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts — 15 Schools (Potential)

The Arizona Department of Education allows any private school in the state to participate in its voucher program, but is not releasing a list of schools currently participating.  Therefore, we are unaware which schools currently have voucher students, and are documenting some private schools in Arizona teaching creationism as potential creationist voucher schools.

We are not adding these schools to the total count of creationist schools, but there is a severe problem with the lack of accountability in Arizona’s progra.  There are, without doubt, creationist schools receiving public money in Arizona.

  • Chandler Christian Academy, in Chandler, uses Bob Jones.
  • Valley Christian High School, in Chandler, teaches “scientific evidence that points to an intelligent creator vs. the random chance theories of evolution” in Earth Science and “how God reveals himself through creation” in Biology.
  • Gateway Baptist Academy, in Gilbert, uses ABeka.
  • Arrowhead Christian Academy, in Glendale, uses ABeka and Bob Jones.  It says science is taught “from a literal six day creation/young earth view.”
  • Christian Academy of Prescott, in Prescott, uses CSI and ABeka.
  • Pleasantview Christian Elementary School, in Phoenix, uses ABeka and teaches “creation in science.”
  • Paradise Valley Christian, in Phoenix, says “science is taught from a Biblical foundation and framework” and teaches  “contrasting evolution and Biblical Creationism.”  It also teaches Ken Ham’s books in Bible and encourages students to donate to the Creation Institute.
  • Phoenix Christian, in Phoenix, says “the student is encouraged to critically evaluate the fallacies of the theory of evolution and accept in faith the Truth in creationism as expounded in Genesis Chapters 1-2.”  They teach interesting things in biology, like the fall caused mutations and the reason genes exists is so humans can manipulate them.
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