Creationist Voucher Schools in Georgia

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program — 34 Schools

  • Bible Baptist School, in Savannah, uses ABeka.
  • Brunswick Christian Academy, in Brunswick, uses ABeka.
  • Christian Heritage School, in Dalton, says its Desired Student Academic Outcome is that “students will be equipped to study and comprehend Creation from a Christian worldview.”
  • Closer Look Christian Academy, in Hampton, says in its science section, “creation was brought into existence by God in six days.”
  • Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, in Acworth says in its school catalog says that life science, “will begin by discussing the relationship of science to the Word of God and by examining the attributes of life, the classification systems, cells, and biblical creation.”
  • Covenant Christian, in Loganville, uses ABeka.
  • Creekside Christian Academy, in McDonough, says, “The universe, a direct creation of God, refutes the man-made idea of evolution. Students will be called upon to see the divine order of creation and its implications on other subject areas.”
  • Cumberland Christian Academy, in Austell, uses ABeka.
  • Dawson Christian’s Handbook, in LaGrange, says it uses ACE and ABeka.
  • Dominion Classical Christian Academy, in Lawrenceville, uses Apologia.
  • Eagles Landing Christian Academy, in McDonough, teaches, in Life Science, “Origins: Creationism, evolutionism, literal view, alternate view of Creation, the Flood, fossils, dinosaurs, various theories of evolution.”
  • Greenforest McCalep Christian Academy, in Decatur, uses ABeka (Handbook).
  • Hope Springs Christian Learning Center, in Lawrenceville, uses ABeka.
  • Legacy Community Academy, in Alpharetta, uses Apologia.
  • Livingway Christian Academy, in Adairsville, uses ACE.
  • Maranatha Christian Academy, in Oakwood, teaches, “creation and evolution.”
  • New Creation Christian Academy, in McDonough, uses Bob Jones.
  • Providence Christian Academy, teaches their students creationism, but they have a special course for their students to take if they would actually like to learn evolution (creationism is still taught in that course too).
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