Creeping Creationist Vouchers Featured on Bill Moyers

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Over 300 Voucher Schools Teaching Creationism Nationwide

Check out our new creationist voucher database and our release with the Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC.  We’ve documented creationist voucher schools from nine states and the District of Columbia.  We’ve discovered more than 300 creationist voucher schools receiving tens of millions in public money.

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Creationist Voucher Schools in Arizona

Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts — 15 Schools (Potential)

The Arizona Department of Education allows any private school in the state to participate in its voucher program, but is not releasing a list of schools currently participating.  Therefore, we are unaware which schools currently have voucher students, and are documenting some private schools in Arizona teaching creationism as potential creationist voucher schools.

We are not adding these schools to the total count of creationist schools, but there is a severe problem with the lack of accountability in Arizona’s progra.  There are, without doubt, creationist schools receiving public money in Arizona.

  • Chandler Christian Academy, in Chandler, uses Bob Jones.
  • Valley Christian High School, in Chandler, teaches “scientific evidence that points to an intelligent creator vs. the random chance theories of evolution” in Earth Science and “how God reveals himself through creation” in Biology.
  • Gateway Baptist Academy, in Gilbert, uses ABeka.
  • Arrowhead Christian Academy, in Glendale, uses ABeka and Bob Jones.  It says science is taught “from a literal six day creation/young earth view.”
  • Christian Academy of Prescott, in Prescott, uses CSI and ABeka.
  • Pleasantview Christian Elementary School, in Phoenix, uses ABeka and teaches “creation in science.”
  • Paradise Valley Christian, in Phoenix, says “science is taught from a Biblical foundation and framework” and teaches  “contrasting evolution and Biblical Creationism.”  It also teaches Ken Ham’s books in Bible and encourages students to donate to the Creation Institute.
  • Phoenix Christian, in Phoenix, says “the student is encouraged to critically evaluate the fallacies of the theory of evolution and accept in faith the Truth in creationism as expounded in Genesis Chapters 1-2.”  They teach interesting things in biology, like the fall caused mutations and the reason genes exists is so humans can manipulate them.
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Creationist Voucher Schools in Georgia

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program — 34 Schools

  • Bible Baptist School, in Savannah, uses ABeka.
  • Brunswick Christian Academy, in Brunswick, uses ABeka.
  • Christian Heritage School, in Dalton, says its Desired Student Academic Outcome is that “students will be equipped to study and comprehend Creation from a Christian worldview.”
  • Closer Look Christian Academy, in Hampton, says in its science section, “creation was brought into existence by God in six days.”
  • Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, in Acworth says in its school catalog says that life science, “will begin by discussing the relationship of science to the Word of God and by examining the attributes of life, the classification systems, cells, and biblical creation.”
  • Covenant Christian, in Loganville, uses ABeka.
  • Creekside Christian Academy, in McDonough, says, “The universe, a direct creation of God, refutes the man-made idea of evolution. Students will be called upon to see the divine order of creation and its implications on other subject areas.”
  • Cumberland Christian Academy, in Austell, uses ABeka.
  • Dawson Christian’s Handbook, in LaGrange, says it uses ACE and ABeka.
  • Dominion Classical Christian Academy, in Lawrenceville, uses Apologia.
  • Eagles Landing Christian Academy, in McDonough, teaches, in Life Science, “Origins: Creationism, evolutionism, literal view, alternate view of Creation, the Flood, fossils, dinosaurs, various theories of evolution.”
  • Greenforest McCalep Christian Academy, in Decatur, uses ABeka (Handbook).
  • Hope Springs Christian Learning Center, in Lawrenceville, uses ABeka.
  • Legacy Community Academy, in Alpharetta, uses Apologia.
  • Livingway Christian Academy, in Adairsville, uses ACE.
  • Maranatha Christian Academy, in Oakwood, teaches, “creation and evolution.”
  • New Creation Christian Academy, in McDonough, uses Bob Jones.
  • Providence Christian Academy, teaches their students creationism, but they have a special course for their students to take if they would actually like to learn evolution (creationism is still taught in that course too).
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Creationist Voucher Schools in Indiana

Choice Scholarship Program — 37 Schools

  • Lakewood Christian School, in Auburn, says in its mission, “creation: we believe the Genesis account of a literal six-day creation; we believe man was created directly in God’s image and after His own likeness, and not by evolution (man did not evolve from other life forms).”
  • Kingsway Christian School, in Avon, says it brings its sixth graders to the creationism museum.
  • In the Clear Creek Christian School, in Bloomington, uses ABeka and Purposeful design and says in their handbook, “Christian symbols, creationism, prayer and reverence for God are pervasive throughout the school. Families who disagree with this will find that a different academic environment will be a better choice for their child.”
  • The Bethesda Christian School, in Brownsburg says in its Constitution, “Of creation: We believe that the material universe and all that exists therein was created by the Word of God from nothing. We believe that creation was accomplished in six literal days.”
  • Covenant Christian School, in DeMotte, says, “Scripture alone to be the supreme and final standard for Christian education.”
  • Elkhart Christian Academy, in Elkhart, says in the philosophy section of their Fine Arts Handbook, God created the earth and everything in it in six days, after which He saw that it was good. The books of Psalms and Job speak often of the specifics of creation.”
  • Evansville Christian School, in Evansville, studies the “design process” in science classes and the school’s curriculum is “biblically integrated” and “uses the truth of God’s Word as the foundation to interpret all things, thus forming a Biblical worldview.”
  • Ambassador Christian Academy, in Gary, uses Abeka.
  • Clinton Christian School, in Goshen, has adopted the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) 1991 Statement of Theology which says, “The origin of the material universe was not a process of natural or theistic evolution.”
  • Granger Christian School, in Granger, says in its handbook, “the Scriptures are fully, verbally inspired and absolutely inerrant.”  It also says, “Therefore, all academic subjects at Granger Christian School are taught in light of God’s Word and are based upon Scriptural principles. All academics presume a Christian world view as the presupposition, and they integrate the Word of God throughout the curriculum.”
  • Greenwood Christian Academy, in Greenwood, teaches “creation vs. evolution” through the creationist Bob Jones University curriculum.
  • Baptist Academy, in Indianapolis, uses Abeka.
  • The Calvary Christian School, in Indianapolis, uses Bob Jones.
  • Covenant Christian, in Indianapolis, teaches intelligent design creationism to its lower level students, but appears to do a good job of teaching evolution to it’s AP students.
  • Heritage Christian High School, in Indianapolis, teaches biology from a “biblical, Creationist perspective.”
  • The Southport Presbyterian Christian School, in Indianapolis, uses Concordia.
  • Trinity Academy, in Gary, uses ABeka and says it “presents the universe as the direct creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution.”
  • Faith Christian School is hosted out of Faith Church, in Lafayette, which says, “man’s creation was not a matter of evolution or evolutionary change of species.”
  • Lafayette Christian School, in Lafayette, uses secular textbooks, but also appears to teach creationism.  The curricular overview says, These various aspects of science, as well as math, are integrated in the world where a God-created, systematic order is evidenced.” and “Scientific questions and problems are approached with moral and ethical considerations in light of Biblical scripture. Students learn to discern issues of science that are in conflict with Biblical truth. Exposing students to secular viewpoints and theories of science provide the opportunity to assist students in their response in light of scripture and a Christian worldview. Students are taught that science is the working of God’s design of His creation.
  • Tippecanoe Christian School, in Lafayette, has potentially closed, but still has an active site under another name appears to have used the ACE curriculum.  It accepts vouchers at this site.
  • The Christian Academy of Madison, in Madison, doesn’t have a website but it’s wikipedia page says it uses Abeka.
  • Grace Christian Academy, in Scottsburg, uses Abeka.
  • Mooresville Christian Academy, in Mooresville, uses Bob Jones.
  • Heritage Hall Christian School, in Muncie, uses Apologia and has brought in speakers from the Creation Evidence Expo.
  • Community Christian School in Richmond says in their Biblical Principles of Instruction that “science pursues the understanding of purposeful, planned design observable in creation.  Genesis 1 and 2.”
  • Richmond Academy, in Richmond, uses Abeka.
  • Grace Academy, in Mishawaka, uses ABeka.
  • Michiana Christian School, in South Bend, uses ABeka.
  • Victory Christian Academy, in Valparaiso, says “A Creationist viewpoint is presented in the teaching of origins and is used as a guideline in all teaching.”
  • The Warsaw Christian School, in Warsaw, says in its statement of faith, “THE BIBLE: the word of God, the sixty-six Books of the Old and New Testaments, verbally inspired in all parts, and therefore wholly without error as originally given of God.”  It also groups Genesis and Dinosaurs together.
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Creationist Vouchers in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program and Racine Parental Private School Choice Program — 15 Schools

  • The Calgary Baptist Christian School, in Waterford, uses ABeka and Bob Jones and  also cites as an objective “To teach in the context of the American heritage, what is the Christian role in the country and in the world,” which sounds like revisionist Christian history.
  • Christian Faith Academy of Higher Learning, in Milwaukee, explained said about its test scores, “Gains were made in all subject area both years with the possible exception of Science. Science scores were excluded from the individual analysis due to curriculum restructuring. We are currently in the process of restructuring the science curriculum to reflect the Faith based understanding of Earth Creationism as well as Traditional concepts.“
  • Young Minds Preparatory School, in Milwaukee, uses ABeka.
  • Daughters of the Father Christian Academy, in Milwaukee, brings us wonders like, “Science and Creation” and “Science vs. Evolution.”
  • Racine Lutheran High School, in Racine, is part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod which rejects evolution.
  • Heritage Christian Schools, in Brookfield, say “we believe in the Genesis account of creation.”
  • Holy Redeemers Christian Academy, in Milwaukee, uses ABeka.
  • Lutheran Special School and Educational Services, in Milwaukee, is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod which rejects evolution.
  • Word of Life Evangelical School, in Milwaukee, says in its science curriculum, “although the world may promote its philosophies of humanism and evolution as the truth, we assert that God’s Word is Truth.”
  • Wisconsin Lutheran High School, in Milwaukee, says in its biology syllabus that it teaches, “evolutionists are ‘stuck’ because they have no god, therefore they must believe in evolution” and “young earth evidence a disaster to evolutionists.”
  • Wisconsin Academy, in Columbus, teaches “creation/evolution.”
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Creationist Voucher Schools in Colorado

Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program — 8 Schools (The program is on hold from an injunction, but may resume)

  • Cherry Hill Christian School, in Highlands Ranch, says it teaches in Biology, “students study the structure, function, and relationships among God’s living creations, and are provided a foundation in the Christian worldview of the origin of life. The course begins with an overview of the history of Scientific Investigation and the Scientific Method, covering Creation and leading into the 21st century.”  They also study “creation and evolution.”
  • Denver Christian Schools (3 schools, 2 in Denver, 1 in Highlands Ranch), say in their statement of faith that they teach “God reveals himself in all aspects of creation; therefore, all aspects of God’s creation are worthy of study. At Denver Christian, students learn to see this magnificent creation through the “lens” of Scripture.
  • Evangelical Christian Academy, in Colorado Springs, says in their curriculum guide that in Biology, “students are made aware of creation and the numerous scientific evidences that point to God as creator of the universe and life.”  It also teaches in Anatomy & Physiology that “human anatomy and physiology from the perspective of Scripture emphasizing the elegance and efficiency of the human body because we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made.”
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